Rate and Tariff Information

The rates and terms of natural gas service offered by Piedmont within our three-state service area are subject to the review and approval of the respective state utility commission. The rates for each type of service offered to customers are displayed below. The tariff and service regulations for each state identify the terms, conditions, and qualifications upon which service is provided to customers.

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Margin Decoupling Tracker

The North Carolina Utilities Commission gave Piedmont Natural Gas authorization in November 2005, pursuant to its general rate case in Docket No. G-9 Sub 499, to implement a decoupling mechanism. The Commission recently renewed that authorization per its January 6, 2022, order in Docket No. G-9 Sub 781. This decoupling mechanism, now called the Margin Decoupling Tracker, allows the Company to recover its margin independent of customer usage patterns. The Margin Decoupling Tracker protects customers from the potential over-recovery of margin by the Company and protects the Company from potential under-recovery of margin. It tracks margin recovery from residential customers (Rate 101) and commercial customers (Rates 102 and 152) on a monthly basis. Under this mechanism, the Company makes semi-annual adjustments, in April and November of each year, to the residential and commercial usage rates in order to refund or recover differences from the Commission-approved margin level.

For further information about the Margin Decoupling Tracker, go to Appendix C of Piedmont's North Carolina Tariff and Service Regulations.