A Modern Showcase of Efficiency

The Piedmont Natural Gas Technology & Design Center is an exclusive collaboration of innovative and resource-efficient natural gas design, materials, equipment, learning and technologies. Housed within 16,000 square feet of indoor functional displays and 5,000 square feet of outdoor plaza and pavilion workspaces, complete with ample parking facilities, the Center provides an opportunity to explore hands-on natural gas applications in contemporary commercial and residential environments.

As the first-of-its-magnitude facility, the Technology & Design Center models the latest in natural gas efficiency, energy consumption and usage. Working with our experienced natural gas management team, businesses may test, train and develop innovative kitchen concepts utilizing the facility’s 16 different natural gas applications and 77 natural gas appliances, representing more than 15 different manufacturers. The hands-on test kitchens, comparison workshops, experiential seminars and live events will cultivate a competitive edge you won’t find elsewhere.

Natural Gas Innovation

As the only facility of its kind on the East Coast, the Center’s state-of-the-art commercial and residential applications may be utilized by developers and builders (residential, commercial, industrial), the learning community (schools, classes), hotel and restaurant professionals and associations, foodservice professionals, appliance dealers and distributors, plumbers and HVAC professionals and more for:

  • Menu Development and Cooking Technique (Test Kitchen)
  • Hands-on Equipment Application
  • Side-by-side, Live Product and Equipment Testing and Brand Comparisons
  • Gas-to-Gas or Gas-to-Electric Equipment Testing
  • Energy Cost and Efficiency Performance Comparisons
  • Real-time Applicable Testing Equipment Data Displays
  • Metering of Entire Kitchen Lines
  • Individual Equipment Metering
  • Ware Washing Capabilities with Jackson Conveyor Dish Machine and Three Compartment Sinks
  • Vendor Showcase and Equipment Displays
  • Rotating Schedule of Equipment and Installation
  • Two 22’ Indoor Kitchen Lines with Halton and Captive Aire Hood Systems
  • Multiple Event and Venue Applications
  • Experiential Live Workshops, Trainings, Meetings
  • Custom Seating with Full AV Capabilities
  • Vendor- and Associate-led Demonstrations
A chef holding a frying pan over the stove burner cooking

Our commercial and residential applications and equipment will include lighting, backup generators, heating and cooling systems, outdoor heaters, ambience fire displays, residential cooking, residential hood systems, refrigeration and warm holding for food, water heaters and tankless. The Center will also work cooperatively and representing several commercial foodservice cooking equipment and hood ventilation systems manufacturers.

When it comes to testing, comparing and purchasing natural gas equipment, informed decision-making positively impacts your bottom line. From hospitality to home ownership, the Technology & Design Center aims to be the driving force behind our customers’ success, helping you make the most informed, energy-wise purchasing decisions to save time, energy and money, and be in-the-know on the fastest-growing commercial and residential energy sector in the world – natural gas.

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