Automatic Bank Draft is a free service that pays your bill amount directly from your bank account each month. Avoid missed or late payments by enrolling today!

Ease & Convenience

The Automatic Bank Draft is a free service that automatically pays your energy bill by drafting funds from your selected account on your bill due date.

  • Electronically authorize your monthly bill payment to be drafted on your bill's due date.

  • There are no dates to remember, checks to write or stamps to buy

  • Transactions appear on your monthly bank statement

To enroll, please call 800.752.7504

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your monthly payments will be drafted directly from your bank account on the due date indicated on your bill. You can even set up multiple accounts.
  • You must have an Online Services account to enroll in Automatic Bank Draft. If you already have an account, simply sign in with your user name and password, then choose the Automatic Bank Draft option to complete the enrollment form. If you do not yet have an Online Services account, please register before trying to enroll in Automatic Bank Draft. Registration is simple and only takes a few moments. Please have your account number available.
  • Your bank draft will start with your next bill. You should pay your current bill in the normal manner. No outstanding balances on your account at the time you sign up will be drafted.
  • You may change your bank information or cancel your Automatic Bank Draft at any time.