Robeson LNG Fact Sheet
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Project Overview

Piedmont Natural Gas constructed a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Robeson County, N.C. This facility fulfills our commitment to supply natural gas to customers during peak usage days, when extreme low temperatures create a higher-than-normal demand for natural gas.

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Fast Facts

  • Location: The LNG Facility is located in Robeson County, roughly halfway between Maxton and Red Springs, in an area already zoned for heavy industrial use. Its footprint is approximately 60 acres, situated within a 670-acre parcel, which offers an abundance of green space.
  • Function: The facility is a 1 billion-cubic-foot LNG peaking and storage facility, with the ability to serve roughly 80,000 homes on a cold day.
  • Timing: Construction began in June 2019, and operations commenced in the summer of 2021.
  • Ownership: This facility is 100 percent owned and operated by Piedmont Natural Gas.
  • Staffing: The site is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by trained Piedmont Natural Gas personnel.

What is LNG?

Liquefied natural gas is a safe, reliable fuel source. Natural gas liquefies when it is cooled to about minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows it to be stored in a fraction of the space.

When the supply is needed, we turn LNG back into its gaseous state and inject it into our pipeline network.

Safety and Environmental Protection

Piedmont’s No. 1 priority is the safety of our natural gas infrastructure, our communities and our employees. We have more than 45 years of experience owning and safely operating LNG facilities from the construction process through ongoing operations. We build multiple and redundant safety systems into all aspects of our natural gas infrastructure.

Piedmont is committed to protecting significant cultural sites, environmentally sensitive areas and endangered species. We work with appropriate federal and state agencies and fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Beyond that, Piedmont has its own standards designed to minimize the impact of our construction activities on surrounding areas.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Piedmont Natural Gas is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable natural gas. Building this facility is the most cost-effective solution to meet our customers’ needs on peak usage days, and this measure is necessary to help Piedmont maintain the same safe, reliable natural gas service our customers have come to expect.
  • This project is part of the ongoing investments Piedmont makes in its natural gas operations to provide our customers with the most reliable service. Benefits include:
    • Reliability:
      • The infrastructure will improve the reliability of the supply of natural gas in the Carolinas
      • Providing capacity during the coldest days of the year
    • Low cost:
      • Building the facility costs less than contracting for new peaking and/or storage capacity with a third party
    • Economic and community growth:
      • We are committed to investing in this community, and the LNG facility will deliver immediate and significant economic benefits to the local communities and help drive economic growth
      • This includes the more than $800,000 in annual tax revenue to Robeson County, benefiting local services such as health care, schools and emergency response
      • The project also created up to 300 jobs during the two years of construction and 10 permanent jobs to manage the operations of the facility
  • Piedmont Natural Gas strategically locates our LNG facilities in areas of our natural gas delivery system where we see the opportunity to provide better, more reliable service to our customers. Piedmont already has facilities in Huntersville (a suburb of Charlotte) and Bentonville, N.C., and Nashville, Tenn.