COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about how Piedmont Natural Gas is responding to COVID-19.

  • A: We’re prepared, and our teams continue to monitor the situation and reassess our plans as needed. As a part of your community, and as a provider of an essential service, we are determined to continue delivering the reliable natural gas you need while helping to protect the health and safety of our employees, neighbors and everyone around us.
  • A: We’re implementing preventive measures to help keep our employees as safe as possible. All those who are able to perform their work without being in an office or facility are working remotely. Employees who interact with customers for programs may cancel or reschedule nonurgent appointments and services. When employees must be on-site, they have been directed to not shake hands, remain at least 6 feet away from other individuals, or to use virtual forms of communication where possible.
  • A: As utility employees, we are defined as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.” We are permitted to leave our homes to protect and support the critical operations and services in your community. Piedmont technicians will continue to perform emergency repairs and other essential work on customers’ property.
  • A: We understand that many customers are facing unexpected financial hardships. To help, we have suspended disconnections for nonpayment for home and business accounts. All fees for late payments and returned checks are being waived, along with credit and debit card payment fees for residential accounts. 

    We’ve also relaxed our usual timelines for payment arrangements. Customers have the option to request an extension or set up an extended payment arrangement* on any past-due balance. These deferred installments are in addition to future bills. We encourage customers to stay as current as possible to avoid building up a large balance that is difficult to manage later.

    Additionally, many assistance agencies have special funding available for individuals and families impacted by COVID-19. Customers can visit the Customer Assistance section of this website to help locate funds. In addition, is a division of United Way that helps connect customers with available financial support. You can visit the site online or simply dial 211.

    *Due to ongoing customer protections established in the North Carolina governor’s orders, customers residing or doing business in the state do not yet need to establish extended arrangements. However, we intend to work with all our customers regardless of when conditions are lifted.
  • A: It means that we’re allowing you extra time to pay if you need it. If you are in an unusual situation and need assistance, we’ll work with you on an extension. We will continue to read meters and send bills, so it’s best to pay what you can to avoid building up a large balance that will be harder to pay off later.

    It also means that we won’t disconnect customers' natural gas service right now even if they haven’t paid bills that are overdue. But again, we encourage everyone to stay as up to date with their payments as possible to avoid building up a large balance for later.
  • A: We will waive late payment fees and fees for returned payments for customers beginning Saturday, March 21, until the national state of emergency is lifted. We continue to encourage customers to stay as current with payments as possible to avoid building up large balances for later. In addition, we are relaxing our usual timelines for payment arrangements to help those affected better manage their bills.
  • We are monitoring restart activities and local orders in each of the states where we operate to determine when billing and payment practices can resume. Those timelines may vary by state. Despite those differences, Piedmont Natural Gas is committed to providing the same level of assistance to all our customers, along with ample advance notice prior to any resumption of standard credit practices. We know that recovery for many – no matter where you live or work – will take time, and we’re committed to giving everyone the same level of support.

  • A: We may have to work with reduced call center staff when employees need to take care of loved ones, including in the event of school closures. You may find it easier and more efficient to visit our website. Our online tools are also good ways to stay up to date with the latest information from our company as this situation unfolds.