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Corporate Governance

Piedmont Natural Gas is committed to the highest degree of integrity and honesty in the conduct of its business affairs. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics ("the Code of Conduct") identifies and explains the Company's expectations of legal and ethical conduct on the part of its employees, officers, and directors. We obey all laws and regulations applicable to our operations. We compete fairly, honestly and ethically and do not engage in unfair and/or illegal methods of competition. We deal fairly, honestly and ethically with governments and honor our contractual obligations with the governments with which we do business.

Neither Piedmont nor its individual employees, officers, or directors behave in a way that is contrary to the best interests of its shareholders or customers. We are fair, honest and ethical in our dealings with each other and promote equal employment opportunity, a safe working environment, and prohibit harassment, threats, dishonesty, and other inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

We care about our reputation with the public. Our employees, officers, and directors are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects well on the Company.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
  • Piedmont updated its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct in December of 2015 to incorporate limited revisions addressing compliance with federal and state anti-corruption, sanctioned countries and individuals, and anti-bribery laws 

Audit Committee Charter

Benefits Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Charter

Directors and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Finance and Enterprise Risk Committee Charter

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