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Contacting Your Elected Representatives

Do you have an issue of particular importance to you or your family? Want to urge your Representative to support a key amendment? Write your Senator or Representative and let him/her know.

Here are a few tips to make sure your message is well received:

  • Be concise
    Legislators get hundreds of letters each day on many different issues. To ensure that your letter is read and your opinion heard, keep it short and simple.

  • Be clear
    State your opinion early in the letter and be clear about your position (for example: I support House Bill 121. We oppose an increase in the gas tax).

  • Be polite
    No two people agree on every issue, but the vast majority of our elected officials are working hard to do what they believe are the right things. While it is perfectly appropriate to disagree and express concern or frustration, always be polite.

  • Use specific information if you have it, but make sure your facts are correct
    Good things to include are:

    • Bill numbers (ex: S123)
    • Bill sponsors (ex: sponsored by Senator Smith of Lexington)
    • Recent action (ex: which was recently adopted by a 12-7 vote by the House Education Committee)
    • Likely action (ex: which is scheduled for consideration by the Senate Labor Committee next week)
  • Provide a return mailing address and phone number, even if you are sending an e-mail.
    Most legislative and congressional offices will gladly accept e-mail or fax correspondence but will only reply by U.S. Mail. Make sure you provide them the necessary information to respond to your concern.

  • Say thank you!

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